The program

Welcome to Get FiTeam!

We can ...

  • Help you become aware of and monitor important health indicators such as weight and activity.
  • Give you tools to help you make changes in your daily health habits.
  • Provide opportunities to make exercise a habit.
  • Give you information on education, training, and screening events to help YOU improve YOUR HEALTH.
  • Let you earn prizes!

Here's what's included in the program:

  • Access to your own diet and exercise tally at My Get FiTeam, where you log your progress towards healthy goals using a point system.
  • Trial memberships to local fitness facilities.
  • Access to health education material.
  • Biweekly news updates.
  • Invitations to health education events.
  • Baseline health screen including weight and counseling.
  • Final health screen to confirm your progress.
  • Prizes!

Team Fee

Team fees for Get FiTeam are $100 (paid at $25 per individual registration).